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听力部分( 35分)
Ⅰ. 听音,选出你所听到的句子中的单词,将其序号填入括号内。
( )1、 A. delicious B. different C. difficult
( )2、 A. scissors B.sausage C. sandwich
( )3、 A. paper B.parent C. place
( )4、 A. circle B. climb C. clothes
( )5、 A. should B.shoulder C. solve
Ⅱ. 听音,用数字(1、2、3、4、5)给下列图片重新排序。
( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
Ⅲ. 听音,为所听到的问句选出相应的答句,将序号填入括号内。
( )1、A. Go to the airport. B. At half past seven.
( )2、A. A ticket. B. A bus.
( )3、A. Yes, he can. B. Yes, he has.
( )4、A. No, I won’t. B.No, I didn’t.
( )5、A. Spring. B. Sausage.
Ⅳ. 听音,按所听顺序用数字(1、2、3、4、5)给下列句子重新排序。
( ) Click on “Email”!
( ) Write your message .
( ) How to send an email ?
( ) Click on “Send”!
( ) Now click on “Write”.
Ⅴ. 听短文,判断正误。正确打“√”, 错误打“×”。
( ) 1. Daming got some presents from England last week.
( ) 2. Daming and Lingling played the Maths game.
( ) 3. Daming read English books yesterday.
( ) 4. Daming ate American chocolates yesterday.
( ) 5. Daming is going to go to America this summer.

Ⅵ. 单项选择。
( )1、My grandpa _______a flute player before.
A. is B. was C. were
( )2、In England, _______ is usually at half past twelve.
A. breakfast B. dinner C. lunch
( )3、A: Your library card, please. B:____________
A. Oh good. B. Here you are. C. Yes, we have.
( )4、There are some birds in the tree. I can see _______with my ________.
A. them , eyes B. me , mouth C. it , ears
( )5、I’ve got a new book. I read ___________ last week.
A. it B. them C. they
( )6、This black box is heavy. And that green one is ¬¬¬________, too.
A. heavy B. dirty C. old
( )7、A boy Tom fell off the bike yesterday.
A. call B. calls C. called
( )8、I a dragon on a piece of paper yesterday.
A.draw B. drew C. drawing
( )9、Your T-shirt is blue. ¬¬¬______ is pink.
  A. I B. My C. Mine
( )10、It’s raining. We ¬¬¬_______ fly a kite outside. We ¬¬¬______ stay at home.
A. will…won’t B. won’t …will C. will…will
( )11、I have got a white rabbit and it’s _______ very long ears.
A. get B. got C. gets
( )12、________ _______ my parents.
A. This is B. That is C. These are
( )13、A bird _______ swim, but it _______ fly very high.
A. can’t , can B. can , can’t C. can’t , can’t
( )14、He _________ a hamburger yesterday.
A. will eat B. eating C. ate
( )15、There are fifteen _________ in the room.
A. woman B. women C. man
Ⅶ. 请根据所给语境写出单词的正确形式,将句意补充完整。
1、She worked in an __________(办公室).
2、Chinese people ____________(建造) the Great Wall.
3、My bag is ___________(棕色的). I carry it on my __________(背部).
4、If you are ______(很好), the sun will always shine. I _____ (希望) you will be happy.
5、Dad read some books about Chinese _____________(历史) .
6、A: I will make a paper plane . Will you help me ? B: ____ ________ (当然).
7、Our teacher is very_________ (繁忙的) every day.
Ⅷ. 连词成句。
1、dinner/ she/ for/ fish/ had ( .)
2、borrow/ can / books / you (.)
3、got/ Snow White/ you / book / have ( ?)
4、amazing / was / it ( .)
5、played / on/ I / beach /the ( .)
Ⅸ. 请为所给问句选择正确的答语,将序号填入括号内。
( )1、What did he send to you? A. She has eggs and bread.
( )2、What does she have for breakfast? B. He sent a postcard to me.
( )3、Has she got a car? C. We’re making a kite.
( )4、What will you do on Sunday? D. No, she hasn’t.
( )5、What are you doing ? E. I’ll go to the library.
Ⅹ. 根据语境,选填方框内的单词补全下列短文。
Sam’s bag is ________.He can’t take it to China. His mother will buy him
a _______one.Sam likes the green bag, because it’s small and __________.But his mother
likes the black one, because it’s big and it has got _________.It’ll be very _________for him.
So Sam takes the black bag with wheels.They are very happy.
Ⅺ.情景交际。从所给的选项中选择恰当的句子补全对话, 将答案序号写在横线上。
Ms Smart: Lingling.______________________
Lingling: Yes, I think so.
Ms Smart: ______________________
Lingling: Lanlan, Alice and Amy.
Ms Smart: ______________________
Lingling: At the park gate.
Ms Smart: ______________________
Lingling: A hamburger, two apples, some chips and two bottles of Coke.
Ms Smart: ______________________
Lingling: At eight o’clock.
Ms Smart: OK. Breakfast will be ready at half past seven.

Today we went to the school library together. We wanted to borrow the Harry Potter videos. But they haven’t got the videos. They had Harry Potter books. We borrowed lots of Harry Potter books. Because Harry Potter is our favourite. We must read fast. Because we must return the books in two weeks.
( ) 1. There weren’t any books about Harry Potter at the library.
( ) 2. We can read the books for two weeks.
( ) 3. You can borrow lots of books in a bookshop.
( ) 4. You can’t talk to others at the library.
( ) 5. We borrowed lots of Harry Potter videos.
  There are four seasons in a year. Each season has three months.
  The first season is spring. The three months are March, April and May. It’s warm in spring. We can see the baby ducks. There are beautiful flowers on the trees.
  The second season is summer. The three months are June, July and August. The weather is very hot and it often rains. We can go swimming.
  The third season is autumn. The three months are September, October and November. It’s cool. The leaves fall from the trees. We can play with them.
  I like winter. It is very cold. Sometimes it snows. We can go skiing and make a snowman.
( ) 1. There are _____ months in each season. A. four B.three C.two
( ) 2. The______ season is autumn. A.first B.second C. third
( ) 3. December, January and February are in ______.
A. spring B.summer C. autumn D. winter
( ) 4. It’s very _____in summer. A. cool B.cold C. warm D.hot
( ) 5.We can____in spring. A. go swimming B. go skiing C. see the baby ducks
XIII. 写作园地。
  问题提示:Where did you go? How did you get there?
What did you do there? Who did you meet there?

Ⅰ. 听音,选出你所听到的句子中的单词,将其序号填入括号内。
1. Chinese food is different from English food.
2. I cut the paper with scissors.
3. It’s an old place.
4. Last summer I went to Mount Tai. I climbed the mountain.
5. My bag is new. I carry it over my shoulder.
Ⅱ. 听音,用数字(1、2、3、4、5)给下列图片重新排序。
1. I love summer. I can wear shorts and sandals.
2. They had a picnic in the park yesterday.
3. She’s writing a letter to Amy.
4. We’ll go there by car.
5. My father works in a hospital.
Ⅲ. 听音,为所听到的问句选出相应的答句,将序号填入括号内。
1、When will you leave tomorrow?
2、What did she drive?
3、Can he play Chinese music ?
4、Did you take your passport?
5、What’s your favourite season?
Ⅳ. 听音,按所听顺序用数字(1、2、3、4、5)给下列句子重新排序。
How to send an email ? Click on “Email”! Now click on “Write”. Write your message . Click on “Send”!
Ⅴ. 听短文,判断正误。正确打“√”, 错误打“×”。
Hello! I’m Daming. My grandma lives in America. She sent me some presents last week. They are English books, American chocolates and a Maths game. I’m good at Maths, so I played the Maths game with Lingling last Sunday. I can speak English. I read English books yesterday. But I didn’t eat American chocolates. They are delicious. I’ll eat them with my parents. I’m going to go to America this summer.

Ⅰ、(1×5=5分) BACBB
Ⅱ、(1×5=5分) 5----3----4----2----1
Ⅲ、(2×5=10分) BBABA
Ⅳ、(1×5=5分) 2---4----1---5---3
Ⅴ、(2×5=10分) × √ √ × √

office , built , brown , back , fine , hope , history , Of , course , busy
(注意 :共计10个单词,其中画有“_”黑体的部分如果没有形式的变化将各扣0.5分, 其余单词必须完全拼写准确方可得1分。)
1. She had fish for dinner. 2. You can borrow books. 3. Have you got Snow White book?
4. It was amazing. 5. I played on the beach.
Ⅸ、(1×5=5分) BADEC
Ⅹ、(1×5=5分) broken , new , light , wheels , easy (每个单词必须完全拼写准确方可得1分)
XI、(2×5=10分) EBCDA
XII、(1×10=10分) F T F T F BCDDC
XIII、(5分) 答案略。
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